This program will be available to both boys/girls alike regardless of ability. Each session will be limited to 20 individuals to ensure maximum development and safety.  Player evaluations will be made on a monthly basis to view progression.

Program offers:

  • Personalized instruction of all facets of the game of basketball with an emphasis on fundamentals
  • All training sessions will incorporate both skill development and sport specific training exercises. 


For those athletes trying to pursue the highest level of basketball possible, your high school practices are not enough.  Let the Triple Threat Basketball staff develop your skills the way they need to be in order to succeed. 


Triple Threat Basketball will conduct year round monthly Sunday Academy. Sessions will be focus on the intricate details of the game of basketball.  Below is a short list of skills that may be covered on a given Sunday.

Teaching beginner to advanced level offensive skills

o   Triple threat position

o   Cross step move

o   Hard stutters

 Principals of moving without the basketball

o   V cut and L cut maneuvers

o   Curling and fading off screens

o   The famous “backdoor” cut

Different defensive strategies

o   Hard hedge on a screen

o   Blitzing on ball screens

o   Help side defense


SUNDAY REPS moves at a quick and intense pace.  The Academy is intended to take your game to the next level.